Sunday, December 23, 2012

THE YEAR WAS 1944....

The world was at war.. my father worked civil service for the Torpedo Station in Newport R.I.

 But on this day, 68 years ago, my father celebrated the birth of his only son. And even as times were bumpy thru that relationship over the years, he never waivered in his love for his son. Don’t get me wrong, I know Dad loved us both to his dying day…even when we didn’t do him proud 100% of the time. 

My mom was bummed out, not because he had a son.. but because she had a baby 2 days before Christmas…. And in the old days, you stayed in the hospital for 10 to 14 days to make sure the two of you were going home healthy.. And the new mother knew what she was in for, once home… too bad they don’t still do that.

 And I am sure I was the typical older sister of 4 years older, who was thrilled for about 10 minutes… as it was my job from then on end, as that older sister to not only watch out for my little brother… but to make his life as miserable as I could… just as he fulfilled his job to make mine as miserable as well..
I knew the jig was up, the following Christmas… and for several after… at least 5.
See the year before Roy was born… I was given by SANTA… a full fledged Lionel Train with tracks…and tunnels. And water tower.. that went around under the tree each year.  Which a year or two later BECAME… Roy’s train.

Now this wasn’t a big deal at first, because Dad would never ever let us touch it. We might break it.. and we didn’t know how to handle the switch, so we were only allowed to watch. 

But by the time he was 5.. he got not only an erector set (remember where you could build anything with metal sticks.. and parts) I got Tinker Toys set.(not a big deal to a 9 year old girl… )

And he and Roy built all kinds of thing together… AND…AND…ROY
GOT TO RUN THE TRAIN… oh, he was careful, because Dad was
right beside him giving him inch by inch directions…. So good, Dad
said… and then he made the mistake of going to the kitchen to get
himself a cup of coffee… whoo whoo whoo… chuca chucla…
Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz by went the train.. little smoke puffs.. and WHACK!! TRAIN WRECK…  oh, like a wicked big sister I was.. I laughed and laughed.. even my mother was laughing.. some how I don’t think the look on my father’s face could be described as humor… black cloud maybe… while he did not yell, well, not real loud… just some muddering under his breath, asking for help.. I think anyway, from higher above..
Because I did hear Jesus’s name.. and something about mother of God. Yep, Dad and Roy were on their way…going thru life with the ups and downs.

And while the hospital taught my mother what she was in for soon with raising her child.. they didn't go into the dealings of teenagers.. which then my brother became my partner in crime of driving my parents nuts.

 Roy, I am sure, has been paid back by his own son.. who he dearly loves, even thru the bumps of life..  and Roy’s grandchildren have done him proud, just as mine have, with running their parents thru what is life’s up and downs of life..
Oh,for the wisdom’s I send each year… 68 is nothing but good.. and wait until you get to be 70. That is where you start looking at your heel, to see if they printed the expiration date there yet…. And thankful .. they haven’t..  and to live  each day to the fullest… May your health hold strong…

And when the day comes, if I go before you…. It is your job to continue the words of wisdom.. and when I go, you will hear those words of terror… “I’M TELLING,MOM!! as I leave.. And it will really piss me off, if I hear you say it first...


So Happy BIRTHDAY.. old man… my little brother… and yes, I remember your replies, of… no matter how old you get… I WILL ALWAYS BE OLDER … which I think is the pay back of life…


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