Monday, December 03, 2012

The Soap Opera of the Congress...

Here We go again... Congress playing their
games again.. I am not giving the White House a
pass either... as this soap opera is run by both.

They hold the whole country at bay, with their antics.
"They said".. "no they said".. "they don't want to help",
"no they don't want to help". It is their fault..etc.

The worse of this soap opera is they scare the bejeeses
out of the citizens but most of all the elderly. Will their
Social Security check come January 1st?  After all, the
finances of the government are going over the cliff come
January 1st. 
And contrary to the popular thought.. Social Security checks
are not the average of $1200 a month. I don't know where
they get that amount.  Either that or I only know the poor folks. With Medicare taken out, most are averaging about $700.
And if that person is single.. that doesn't cover the rent never
mind utilities, food and etc.

So once again.. we will hear a day by day blow by each side..
with their chicken little rant of the end is coming .. the end is coming only... to have them on December 30, 2012 by some miracle come to some compromise of some sort....All of which we have no control of.

Oh, yea.. if they don't compromise.. the end is not there either.. but will cost us more.. which that is given, no matter what they decide.


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