Wednesday, December 19, 2012

People frustrate me

With the Sandy Hook situation, there are still rumors going around..with out any facts behind them.. The media does not even find out or do the research for their stories.  They run with what they THINK is the truth.. and then change it later to the facts.. which can take hours, days or even weeks.

Take the fact that they said the mother worked at the school.  So everyone thought the guy got in, because of her.  Now the truth comes out that she did not even work there.  Now what? So why did he pick that school? Those children? We may never know.

 Then you have the people running around yelling they are going to take our guns away from us.. That is what Obama said in his speech..  Which if you were listening to him closely, he did NOT say he was going after the guns. He just said there had to be changes made.  He wasn’t pacific about what he thought should be done.. and I would take it that he was leaving it open for a reason. Like to get input from everyone.. every side.. but the truth of the matter as he stated.. SOMETHING HAS TO BE CHANGED. 
Even the NRA, which usually is posturing with their own agenda, has been silent until Tuesday… saying they were silent in respect for the families involved. And they, too, say there has to be a change.. and they are working on that.

But the chicken littles who run around with their mouths going and their minds disengaged, spouting off… on things they have no base for, no facts, and just spouting off..  Which frustrates the heck out of me.

So far, Obama and the NRA, have the right idea.. wait and see.. get groups together to see what they can come up with. Using reasoning.

I would like to see… if you own a gun, you have a gun safe. Most of these of late, are guns that were bought legally. But stolen by someone else (be it family or friend) and used. If they had been locked up in a safe, that wouldn’t have happen. It isn’t the answer, but it is a start.
The other main thing.. what connects all of these, besides the fact that guns were used? It is the fact that these men were all mental health problems.. The Virginia killer, the Arizona killer, the Portland mall killer, the school house killer.. and most of the ones before..  So I would say we have a huge problem in the mental health issues here. Do you think?  One of the first budget cuts is mental health. Also there are so many parents dealing daily with children, who need help.  Who are help some and then the insurance company dumps them. Or there is no help.

If the anti-gun lobby had spent as much on the mental health issues as they did for anti-gun lobbyist.. we would be working on the problem. I am glad to see that this is of high concern now. Hopefully, not to be brushed under the rug again.  

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