Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy and Gun Control

I think I have hit on this subject before.. but after

Friday, it bares repeating..


Once again, a sick mind, takes out on others for their own

twisted mind..  This time there is children once again..

20 CHILDREN… 6 adults and another human being at a different



Once again we have the chicken little of the nation, screaming..


running around with your mouth going, protecting your gun closet..

How about picking up the ball… and come up with solutions of how

to prevent this from happening again..  And no, the solution is NOT

everyone carry a gun.  Surely you can’t be serious about children

carrying guns… Even if the teachers had a gun in their possession,

would they had time to act?


Why the children??? I guess that is a dumb question being we are asking

about someone who is suppose to be sane, and obvious this person was

not sane.


How do we protect our children in schools, churches and other places that

parents send their children? Are we becoming a country that you have to go

thru a metal detector to go in to a church, schools and theater?


You can’t blame this on economy, so is it the times? How is that?


No … those of you who are responsible gun owners..come up with some

real answers..  It isn’t the President (no matter which one) who is trying

to take away your gun privileges… it is the loose cannons, who get ahold

of guns, (not many do it with knives, bats and cars).. be it steal or borrow,

or buy a gun or two… what is the answer you can come up with?


Surely as most of you are also a parent.. you had to be moved by the sight

of parents outside that school.. wondering if their child was coming out or not.

If their child was one of the 20? As a spouse of the adults.. wondering if their

other half is coming out.. surely it breaks your heart like the rest of us, as we



So what say you gun owners.. what answers can you come up with? Without

emotional worry, and yelling… protecting your gun closet?   Come up with ideas

of how to protect the children, especially the children, as well as others.
We don't want to infringe on your rights... help us have you not infringe on ours.

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