Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The plus of Facebook

I got into Facebook years ago, because my daughter in law

would send me pictures… and with dial up.. it would take

from 15 to 25 minutes to download… and sometimes only

part of the picture would show up.  She was a member(?

is that the right word for it?) of Facebook. So she would down

load her pictures there and I could see them.


Fast forward about 5 years… and still that is my main purpose

of still being with Facebook.  In our family there has been several

downsides of Facebook that has played out on there…


But it has it’s fun time.. Mostly I have where I have borrowed/

shared signs and pictures.. but the greatest pleasure I have

is seeing the pictures.  Also thru all of this I get to keep up with

my adult grandchildren and their families.  I got to see my

great grandson, Ryder, right after he was born.. I got to see my

new grandson Olin, this year …right after he was born.


And now I get to see the cute Christmas pictures of the kids.

One picture was of a great granddaughter who open her card,

and her reaction.. it was perfect!!


Yep, Facebook does have some pluses..  

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