Monday, December 10, 2012

Inside or Outside...

I have over the years, become less and less of an inside

Christmas decorator.. I have a few thing, but most of it is



We have a flat tree on the wall.. and a few lights in a bowl

like.. but the rest are in windows to be seen from the outside.


Outside for a couple of years, I have had lights around the house

eaves and around the garage door. And around the fence.

And yes, they are up year around.. No one notices they are

there, and it is just easier to do that. Otherwise it is freeze

to death in December to put them up.. or put them up in

September. And if you are going to be that early……..well,

you might as well, just leave them up.


This year we got a Hunter Snowman with rifle that is a blow up.

And I put a couple of small trees down the driveway that I got

in a yard sale this summer. And some hanging bulbs that are

suppose to be solar powered.. but with lack of sun they aren’t.

And I have a wreath coming from Minnesota, that should be

arriving soon.  


So what are you? An inside or outside decorator or do you do both? 

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