Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dividing up the state...

The headline read this morning...

Frustrated Rural Colorado Counties Want to Secede as 51st State.

Now where have I heard that before...

First, locally... if the people of Washington and Idaho had their way, there would be a Empire State.. at least that is one of the names.

It would take in Spokane, Washington and Northern Idaho..

Both areas feel that their capital has no clue, nor do they want to have, about the other side of the state. 


Spokane feels that the people in Olympia, are only concerned about the western side of the state.. mainly Seattle. And Spokane is the step-child of Olympia.  

Bonner, Boundary, and Kootenai counties feel the same

way about Boise. Out of sight out of mind. 

Although, in the past 2 years, Boise has been spending a lot of money up this way. With new highway work going on between Kootenai and Bonner county.  Sandpoint has

finally got their by-pass that they have been trying for... for over 50 years.

And Dover (in Bonner County) got a new bridge as well. Of course being called the worse bridge in the nation by Mechanic Illustrated and the Discovery Channel, kind of helped there.


Then I do remember way back in the 70's I believe, that Newport County was making noises of how they wanted to break off from Providence and have their own state as well.. Which sadly got a lot of laughter, when you

consider that R.I. is the smallest state in the union. And Newport was only about 28 miles from Providence.


Well, if nothing else, now that the headline has made it to national television by the way of ABC NEWS... maybe the Governor and their Congress will take note, that not all is happy in Colorado.   

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