Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Rough Shape I am in....

I thought I was doing pretty well.
After all I have been doing yard work all summer.
But I got out of bed this morning, feeling like 
a 90 year old woman. 

I guess that climbing up and down the ladder about
30 times yesterday is taking it's toll.  I was removing
the lights I had put up in the pergola. I don't remember
having this much trouble the next day when I put them
up.   Also there was the undoing all the bungees that
hold the shade cover as well. 

But between my back and my legs, well.. 90 year 
old describes it pretty well.. Guess I should spend
some of my down time this winter, doing some 
stretch exercises, for these old legs. Walking isn't


Kay Dennison said...

Sorry you're hurting!!!!! Hopefully you'll weather it all!!!!!! I'm keeping good thoughts for you.

Mari Meehan said...

Stretching won't do it. Take it from one who knows. You'll need to do some strengthening exercises too! I found out while hiking this summer my thigh muscles are shot. Groan. Back to the leg lifts.