Monday, April 18, 2005

Do you believe in Miracles

In October I sent this email out to my friends.... and at the end is the update for it.

Do you believe in Miracles
October 10, 2004
No, I am serious... do you believe in miracles? Think about it for a minute. Have you seen one? Do you really believe? Let me tell you something I heard today.

I am basely a cynic when it comes to life. Not with God, just life. I believe in God. I know he does wondrous things. I know people have come back from almost dying because of him. People come out of coma's because of him. People heal because of him. But never been around some one who really has had a miracle.

I have a friend called Pam. We became friends when I took care of her when I was working. And then I went to see her after I retired. Even when she moved to an Assisted Living place. I would show up once a month. Bring her orange roses. Her favorite color I found out when I brought her one while I was still working.

Pam had cancer... also because of a bad blood transfusion she ended up with Hep. C. Over the course of the past year, Pam's health has decline. But Pam could always find a silver lining. She is a Christian. She went into depression this pass Spring. But a dog called Zoey came to Pam and brought her out of it. Every time I go see Zoey and Pam, she would have a smile on her face no matter what. And she was in the 4of July parade with her electric wheel chair, with Zoey. She also decide to do something for others. So she join the Cancer Society to help them. She gave them the cd's she had left of hers to sell for money. I forgot to tell you... just before Pam started to get sick, she did a cd in Nashville. I am one of the lucky ones who has one. But she got ill before she could promote it.

About a month or so ago, Pam decided to try homeopathic health. She was bloating up, and she was sure it was her disease that was doing it. Figured she had nothing to lose. To make a long story shorter.. the stuff the gal gave her not only took the bloating away, but she felt better than she has for years. Her legs stopped aching after about a couple of weeks. Along with this, she has participated in prayer group. A heavy prayer group.. Daily...

She was feeling so much better that she went to her Dr. to get a slip for swimming therapy. When her Dr. saw her, he asked her what she had been doing. When she explained, he told her that was voodoo and to stop. That those people are just setting you up for failure. They will let you down. When she protested and he saw she wasn't going to change her mind, he told her to get out of his office and not come back. He wasn't going to be her Dr. anymore. Several days later, her electric wheel chair broke down. So she was using the regular one. She was with her friends doing her daily prayer and they were heavily in prayer, when she had to go to the bathroom. The girls continued to pray. She was sitting there and one of the girls asked her what did God's voice sound like. She said, I guess softly. Then a voice, told her to stand up and walk in to the room to join the girls praying, without saying anything. She thought, right... as if I could.. (remember she had not walked in years) The voice got more forcible... and told her to GO NOW... WALK.. walk in and don't say a word. She stood up, went to take a step and did not fall. Then she walked into the room without saying a word. When she got to the bed where the girls where still praying, they looked up and their mouths fell wide open. Pam has been walking for 6 days now. Her son came to see her the next day and he cried. Everyone can't believe it. She knows it is God. God's Grace. I know this because she called today to tell me. Also her recording studio is going to produce a cd with her singing gospel. When this comes about..(it takes quite a bit of time) I will let you know. I am going over to see her tomorrow.

October 11,2004,
I took purple roses over to Pam, as I couldn't find orange. She was sitting in her big overstuffed chair. I went to the dresser to put the roses in the vase. I turned to see Pam raise up from the chair and walked to me. We hugged and cried. What an overpowering feeling. I am so happy for her. She is so full of plans. Can't wait to sing again. Can't wait to start her cd. It was so wonderful. We had a great visit. She is going to continue with her therapy.
Praise God, and could you say a prayer for Pam for her continuing good health?Thanks and God Bless... "

Now for the update..
April 18,2005..your prayers must have worked.
Pam moved out of the Assisted Living right after the first of the year. I saw her at Wal-mart, walking around with one of her many friends. She was shopping for her new apt. at her friends home.
The next time was this past Friday, there was a beautiful picture of her and Zoey in the Sandpoint Paper with the title...

Cancer Survivor Pamela Faye Huston and her therapy dog Zoey pose for a picture. Huston a survivor of cancer of more than 30 years and became involved with the Cancer Society Relay for Life last year, when she volunteered to sing the National Anthem.

And she is going to sing it again this year plus some other thru the night, in June for the Cancer Society Relay for Life night. Also the article said her new cd went to press last Friday, April 15, 2005. It will be called YOU HEALED ME So if you see it in the stores... buy it... Pam has a wonderful voice. Yes, Pam is miracle, Zoey is her champion. Pam is just a down to earth wonderful young lady. I am truly blessed to be counted as her friend.


Bay Views said...

Wow...This a story that needs to be told to a wider audience...Is Pam local?


Word Tosser said...

Yes, Sandpoint. There was a picture of her in a week ago Friday, Daily Bee.