Thursday, April 21, 2005

Remember relationships are compromising deals

Remember relationships are compromising deals.
Some times it is in your favor, some times it isn't.
Give and take. Just make sure it goes both ways.

This isn't just in the male ....female relationships.
It pertains to others. Friends, and even your children.
Some times it hurts, but you got to remember.
You are you and they are they. So unless it is against
you personally, you have to let go of the hurt, and
let them be. Give them the space, and you too. You
don't have to fix everything. Sometimes that is hard,
I think,especially in the adult children relationship,
it is harder. Because we are use to having our words
mean something. And when an adult child deems what
you think or say as null and void, that hurts. And in
the marriage that can be true too. While we are in
tune to each other, it does not mean we think exactly
alike at all times. And we have to honor that in a relationship.
Be it spouse, adult child, or friend.

We have to understand that everyone is entitled to
their own opinion and it doesn't have to be yours.
And when this comes out with you on the short end
of the stick....try to remember.. at some time and place
you, too, will be the one with who will not agree with
some one else's words of wisdom.

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Cathy Kooy said...

Cis, you are so wise.