Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lost memories

Today is shuffle day. That is what I call trying
to clean up an area, project. Shuffle because it
seems like all you do is shuffle it to another
part of the house. And if you are really
lucky, you get to throw some of it away.

Today I came across some pictures. Old
pictures. So I am going to send some of
them away as the family of the people or
even those who sent me the pictures can
use them to make albums for their kids.

But my thoughts went to what about
the pictures of people who I have lost
track of over the years. It is a shame
to throw away the pictures. Their family
might like them. But have no way of knowing
where they are now. Their names are
too general so can't use the white pages.
And I don't know if they live in the area
that I left behind any more. And of course
my kids don't know or remember these
people. So they will throw them away easily.

Also, reminds me that some of these pictures
don't have names on them. Some of the ones,
the kids might hang on to if they knew
the names. So have to do that. Put that
in another box. Did this years ago for
my mother. She had 4 very large boxes
of pictures. It took almost a week and
half of working on them for 5 hours each
day, to get through them. And my brother
and his family probably threw them away
as they are people from my mother's child
hood but not relatives. What a shame.

Even in my possession is a letter.
It was written in 1822. The letter is
from one brother to another. Both
of them work on ships out of
Newport, R.I. Two different ships.
It is address to one of the brothers,
with the Captain's name. Ship 6 is
stamped on it. It is hard to read because
of the old type of writing. But it
is sign with "your loving brother".
Their last name is in our family, but
I doubt them may be related. But who
knows. I guess because my mother
had it and the name is on my father's side.
Will have to ask my aunt to see if she knows.
But if I can't find the relatives, my thoughts
are, how sad that I have the letter and my kids
will throw it away. Unless they have the sources
at that time to find out who these brothers were
and how they are related to us.

Well, I am off to figure out my new phone.
My grandson will be coming over today, so
he can program it for me. Some times I
yearn for the old days, when you just got
a phone and plugged it in.


stebbijo said...

Have fun with your new phone!

I swore I would never break down and get one of those cell phones ...

But guess what? I ended up needing one bad .. while in hiatus of moving and the prepaid cells are very nice for NOW communication. They still feel funnny -- but hey -- it works!

little ol' me said...

Hey...I think you probably have excellent material for "scrapbooking"; don't throw away anything...put your fotos in a scrapbook and write little "captions" below a way, that scrapbook will become a biography of sorts, since only things YOU know would be included.

I've made a really nice foto album of the "Life and times of our family" and I treasure it all the more, now that my parents are no longer alive.

Who knows...maybe someone will discover your scrapbook in 200 years; it is something you can leave behind for the ages. If you toss those pictures, you will probably regret it...CdAdAvE