Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I am 65 today.....

Now I did not look forward to this.
You know how when you were 13, you
were looking for 16. 16 so you could
drive. You counted the years.. 14?
Only 2 more years. and etc.

Then there was 21.. yes, at 16 (finally)
you only had 5 more years to 21.
21 you were adult ...21 you could drink!
Looking back, that was a wasted thought
wasn't it. A milestone just so you could
drink. I had visions of my girlfriends and
I going to tie one on. Well, at 21, I had
one child and was 4 months with #2 child.
Went out and had one drink with my
sister-in-law. I waited 5 years for this?

We didn't want to be 30, that was for
sure. We didn't trust anyone over 30, so
you didn't want to be 30. 30 came and
went. And who cared if you trusted some
one over 30 anyway. Besides by this time
I had 8 children. I was too busy to trust
anyone any age.

40 was good. I walked 3 miles to my
folks house, just to see if I could.
And walked back home. 40, the kids
were getting to be young adults, and
of course teens.

50 went by so fast, I forgot I turned
50. I had been a widow for 4 years.
And was working double shifts, double
back shifts.

Then 60 came along. The kids had
a party for me. Only surprise birthday
party I can ever remember having.
It was great. After a few weeks,
started thinking about life.
Then figured out my family were
long lifers. So I had at least another
20 years and I decided to live until
I died, and not just wait to die.

So here I am 65. Today. Funny
I don't feel any different than
yesterday. But now I am a
bonfided Medicare person.
So I watch my Social Security
check go down $78.20 a month
to pay for that. Also had to do
some fast shuffle to get
supplement insurance.
But what I really want to
know is:
Where is the big Social
Security check for over
$1000 a month that the
newspapers say the average
retiree gets? Where is the
RV and the travel money
that they say the average
retiree does? Is this one of
those things we said as kids,
I thought they said trains
instead of brains, and I took
one? Therefore, missed the
boat? Guess so, but heck,
it was a heck of a ride, and I
am still enjoying the ride.
So 65, be dang!! Hot dog
life is a blast.

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stebbijo said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear word tosser!

Happy birthday to you!