Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blame Game

I was on my walk this morning, looking
at the trees. Some of the tops are starting
to turn color, which means fall is getting
closer. I was thinking about how blessed
I am to be living in our area. I have lived
in hurricane alley (R.I. and Fla.), and I
have lived in the land of shakers called
California in my life time. The great
Northwest is the best. We have the best
of all worlds and the least of weather
tragedies. We have 4 seasons which I
love having. And the worse is, if we have
a bad winter. And even that can be a
thing of beauty.

My thoughts turn to the tragedy
plaguing the south. My heart goes
out for the real victims. The parents
and children whose lives are on hold,
as they wait for the powers that be to
help them find some sanity in all this.
Some stability in all of this.

My thoughts of how the rescuers who
are wading in the toilet of garage and
sewerage, of what once was beautiful
streets and towns.
How brave they are to stay and help
all of those who are scared and need
help. Canadians, as well as American’s
working side by side. Of all kinds of
different religion and political ideals.

But my patience have wore thin for
those who are in the blame game. Is
the world going to come to an end within
weeks, and these people need to find
someone or people to blame for this?
Do they need to hold these people up for
all of us to see? Is there a time limit on
blame? I would think not, as they have
just finished this spring or early summer
on who THEY THINK is the blame for
9-11 and this is 4 years later.

My theory is that the powers that be
and the Tuesday morning quarterback
coaches, should forget about who is the
blame, and get on with helping people.
If you can’t help by money or in person,
then keep your big mouth shut. Next year
you can come out of the wood work and
if you have the intelligence to know where
the money went that was suppose to fix
things, then speak up. If you know who
dropped the ball, then speak up. But for
now, help or get out of the way. These
people, who day after day are dealing
with their own 8x10 existence around
a cot, don’t need your negativity.

The media needs to get off of the band
wagon of showing the 20% of people who
are acting badly, and focus on the needs.

And what about the people who are
suffering, who live outside of the main
event? As the media has made it an event.
But there are people who live 20 to 30
miles away from New Orleans, who lost
their houses. Who are living on their lawns
or schools. Who are pulling food from
the wreckage of their homes to help.
Granted their town is not floating, but
they have lost everything too. Is any of
this help going to them? Because the
media has ignored them.

I am beginning to feel callous about the
whole thing. I am saturated in the whole
thing. Television, paper, radio, every
where you go, talking about it. And most
of them trying to second guess what they
would have done, or what they think
should be done with the people in charge.
The people who thought Bush was at fault,
hopefully when they see that the powers
that be in Louisiana itself dropped part
of the ball, maybe, just maybe, they
might wait before they start up again.
But I doubt it.

So at the chance of being called uncaring,
I am going to give it to God and take
each day at a time, like I was before.
And thank God that I live in the Northwest.


John Q. Citizen said...

Hi my friend, don't you think that this great nation deserves to have competent people leading our federal departments. I mean, would you hire a house painter to do the open heart surgury on your child? Would you feel safe and comfortable, knowing that the guy who's flying that jet liner your traveling on, was trained as a Pediatrist? Let's get serious here. The President can't be expected to know how to do everything needed to run a major country, no. But he has the obligation to put the best qualified people at the helm of these federal departments, and not just fill them with political operatives, just because they were loyal fundraisers. This FEMA head's, only experience with management, was running the elitest group, International Show horse Assoc. He was let go, (fired) from there for poor management.
President Bush, and his choices of a cabinet, have been in office now for five years already. How long of a political honeymoon do they deserve? Four years and 30 billion dollars after 9/11, and the damned communications systems still don't work. that my friend, is a failure of leadership, just as well as a failure of others. Of this you can not deny.
Of course, the administraion says, "We don't want to play the "Blame Game," and that's because they are in charge, and THEY are to blame.
You may of course be one of those who thinks that the two answers to this, the CAUSE and the SOLUTIONS are the same as always. Cause = Bill Clinton .... solution = TAX CUTS .....

maureen said...

I agree with you. Let us help get the hurricaine victims out of this awful situation they are in and then they can play the blame game or whatever, and maybe try to figure out what went wrong,
It seems to me that we all have been warned for years about disasters that are forth coming, maybe some of this could have been avoided, But as I said lets just help the survivors now.
I also agree that our Pacific Northwest is the best place to live, Although I compain about the cold winters, that too is beautiful.
Take care and I really enjoy your blogger.

God's Helper said...

Looks like you upset someone...

Word Tosser said...

John, I could not agree with you more...but I think we have plenty of time to do the blaming... like in 2 or 3 more weeks.
Lets get these people stablity for now.
And why is it no one called Bush on his choice before now? Are they only now looking to see what his qualifications are? Should have been when he was put in.
And the local state government is no prize either. What happen to the Homeland Security money? Are they enjoying the Mari Gra founation they spent some of the money on, as suggested?
No, lets wait a couple weeks before we hold up the ones who are to blame ... there is enough to go around.