Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Face in the Pictures

This weekend, I spent my time in
the house because of the weather.

So I got all the pictures that my kids
went thru 3 weeks ago, and made
copies of them. I scanned them,
so I can put them on a cd. And that
way, they will have the pictures in
case anything happens to me
or the pictures.

It was nice to look at the pictures
and see my grandparents and my
parents when they were young.
They are all gone now. And here
I am, the matron of the family,
so to speak. I won’t admit that,
because I don’t want to be thought
of being matronly. My mind, matronly
is some 90 year old. Like Rose Kennedy.

What was of interest, was looking at
myself as a child. There are baby pictures
in there and there are ones of me when
I was up to the age of 4 or 5 and then it
jumps to my teen years. Don’t know
what happen to me during those years
of 6 to 14. Did the camera break? Or
I wasn’t a cute kid anymore? Oh, yes,
That is when my brother was born, so
guess it was his turn.

Also looking at that little girl as she
swims, fusses, smiles, frowns, and
all the other things, I wonder what
she was like. Age has wiped away all
the memories of preteens. When
some one brings up a subject, I can
pull out of that darkness, a story of
something that happen. But they are
mere dots in the ocean of water.
Now instead of looking for my own
features that no longer seem to be
there, I see some of my grandchildren
in there. I guess that goes with the
fact some of them are that age now.
So the family resemblance is there
some where.

I am quite happy with my life as it
is now. Which I guess it is a good thing,
because it sure would be heart breaking
to see that little girl’s face and try to bring
back what you were..

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