Thursday, September 01, 2005

What a difference 6 months makes.

Around the circle we go.... I was
looking at the beginning of my blog
to see when I started this. I had just
a line or two...but the next day,
I had a slight rant... about what?

Gas prices, that is back in March.
And it was $2.19 here in Sandpoint,
while CdA enjoyed 1.98 to $2.09....
funny ... this subject gets round
every so often. We are all shocked by
almost paying $3.00 which is what
they predicted in the Spring. Heard
they are predicting $5.00 now.

And now the e-mail about everyone
not buying gas today. That this
will help. It didn't in 1970's as we sat
in line waiting for our turn. Even
having certain days to buy gas on.
Depending on the number on your
license plate.

At that time some economy guy
told us that it would take at least
2 weeks of not buy gas to even to
start to effect the refiners and gas
stations. The one day thing didn't
work because everyone filled up
extra the day before and the day after.
So all they did was give the stations
a slow day. Because there is always
some one who is going to buy gas

Besides that, did it occur to these
people that if we can go one day
with out buying gas, that the
government might think that is a
positive thing and have gas station
close for a day? Every week?
Just a thought.

P.S. Sweetie bought gas for $2.79
this morning, he was far from the
only person buying. Guess the
others didn't get the email.
Sure glad I didn't let Sweetie
talk me into the diesel rig
he wanted a couple years ago.
As Diesel is now $3.14!!

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