Monday, March 13, 2006


I am sure you have seen the
advertising for the show, some
of you may have even watched
the show. During the Olympic
it was hard not to, as the show
was on every night at 8.
For those of you who haven't,
it is a show of greed.
They have 26 cases to open.
You chose one. For you to
keep. What ever is in that case,
is what you win. But you have
to open the other cases before
you can see what you won in your
case. There is two rolls of amounts
of cash listed. As you get each
case open.. it disappears from
the list. If you are lucky and get
all the ones on the left to disappear
then you have all the ones on the
right which go from 1,0000 up to
two million. But of course that
isn't the law of the averages.
They disappear off both sides.
You open 6 cases, then 5 cases
then 4 case and then 2 until the
game is over. After each set is
open, the guy up in the office
offers you money for your case.
The more big money left, the
more they offer you for yours
and if you get too greedy by saying
NO DEAL.. and you pick large
amount cases, then your offers
start going down. Some have
walked away with $5,000 after
being offered as much as $164,000.
Then to help you, they pick 3 or 4
of your family to help you decide.
Now I get a bigger kick out of watching
the King watch the show. As he sits there
edging the contestant on. But after they
turn down the over $100,000 deals, he
turns on them. Then he yell, it is the big
money in the case. See I told you...
And the offer goes down. And the guy
says NO Deal. Then the Kings starts
saying, you are going to lose...and sure
enough it goes down more. They will still
believe they can hit one of the two big
cases left, so say NO DEAL. Which the
King say, you deserve to lose, you are
going to lose. Once in a while he will
see them pull it back up to one of
the bigger offers and then DEAL.
Yep, watching the King is more


LucilleNT said...

I saw this show and I too think its a show about has caused more problems in family's too. Good to see others view it as I do.

Taz n Angel said...

I kept thinking it should be called Greed too but of course there is one called that already, but this is MORE GREED really. I loved the show the first week but now I find they are drawing it out too long with all the hootin and hollering just open the darn case already and move on ;O)

I am with the King. I am a religious Price is Right fan too. Take after my grampa.

The Mama