Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who owns Whom?

Do I own the computer or
does the computer own me?

As we have all found out, by
first having computers.
Second, doing email and third,
some of us having a blog.
We can have the possiblity of
being a slave to the computer.

If you read a lot of blogs, you
have more time invested in it.
So do you own your computer
or does your computer own you?

Add to that, a cell phone. And
there are other electronic that
some people have. I do not. But
I do have the cell phone. I
am not a slave to that, as I keep
forgetting it on the table. Much
to the King's displeasure. I use
it to keep track of him in large stores.
As I get irrate going up and down
aisle trying to find him. He isn't
much better about it, finding me.
Cell phones saves on the nerves.

So as Spring comes, I find myself
letting go of the computer more
and more. Cutting down to about
2 hours in total. Most of it being
in the early morning with the blog,
and email.

During winter there isn't a lot
going on, so I end up checking
email and blogs off and on thru
the day. And after this past winter
where I connected often .....I was
wondering how I would do come
this Spring. After all blogging,
commenting and reading is adictive
of sorts.

I can honestly say, I own my
computer and it doesn't own me.
So far.


Word Tosser said...

testing comment section

Patches & Mittens said...

Mom says the computer owns her.
She has two blogs, her website, and her yahoo group. Now that spring has sprung, you wont find her on it so much though.

stebbijo said...

I think my whole being is a micro chip --I know, it is sad. I just don't want to be injected with one and not know it!

Dogwalkmusings said...

I know what you mean about less time in nice weather. My guy was nagging me this afternoon - if the neighbor can be out doing yard work so can you! Get off the computer!!!

Bay Views said...

I think we'll all slow down some, when other activities become more of our life, at least I hope so.