Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Life is Not Fair

Reading the Parade's wages story...
this past Sunday was disheartening
to say the least...

A Marine Sgt. listed at $22,000
RN Nurse at $45,000
Caretaker at $13,000

What is sad about this is the
fact that all three of these
job have life and death effects.

The Marine is protecting us.
The RN Nurse gives the correct
pill, always looking at the vitals
of a patient.
The Caretaker, constantly
on alert for any changes in
the person in her care. New
pain, blue fingers or lips, sores.
And yet they get paid under
$50,00... The Marine and
Caretaker under $25,000.

Considering that society thinks
of $125,000 being middle class.
These are underclass I guess.

Yet, a 12 year old actress makes
Actors, actress, sport players,
make 1 to 15 MILLION DOLLARS.
And a certain radio show host makes
31 MILLION DOLLARS for talking crude
jokes, and what a lot of us consider
filthly talking.

Where is the justice in that? What
kind of upset down world we live in.
I know when I was a child there was
a saying... "the Rich get richer and the
poor have more children."
But this borders on ridiculous.
Heck, it is ridiculous!!

Also there is a new program on
TV. Miracle Makeovers. It is a
really nice show that has Drs.
helping people with horrible
defects. It is hard to watch
without having tears in your
eyes for the person and their

As I sit there and watch for
a while, the thought that goes
thru my mind, is ................
Why is it, everyone with these
same problems don't get to have
the same operation or one like it?
Why isn't it the normal instead of
the selected few.

Don't get me wrong, I am so happy
for these people. It is great the
Drs. are helping. But what about
the others?

Life just isn't fair.
And you will probably say,
why should it be.....and my
answer would be why shouldn't
it be.


Taz n Angel said...

You know what gets me mad up here in Canada... you say the rich get richer and the poor have more children, and up here in Canada, the govt. gives them money to have more children. A person up here can make a darn good living on welfare as long as they keep poppin them out! That's criminal...

Word Tosser said...

Not true in Idaho.... but I know what you mean. In Idaho no one gets a lot of money on welfare. And you got to be off in 5 years. For a woman and a child...10 years ago it was $225. That wasn't even enough for rent. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, I don't know. But women find jobs fast. Not good jobs, but jobs.