Thursday, March 02, 2006


This morning I was reading the
paper and also thinking how
the season of reunions is
getting near. You know
family, class and etc.

Next year is my 50th Class
reunion. I graduated in 1957.
Do I want to spend big bucks
to travel across the nation, to
sit and eat with people I don't
know and thought of me as
a nerd?

See our school was one of
3 in the area. We were the
public school, then there was
the two Catholic schools.
DeLaSalle for boys, and St.
Catherine's for girls.

Then our own school had 3
groups, the non-public names.
There were the Town people.
The Farmers,(which I belong to)
and the Clammers, who was from
the island.

Towners were Newport,itself.
Farmers were Middletown,
and Portsmouth. And Clammers
were from Jamestown, which was
a small island. The other 3 towns
are on the bigger island.

I am still in touch with two of my
class mates. One about 3 times
a year and the other on a daily
basis. We email. Both of them
are still on the East Coast. One
still in Rhode Island and the other
in N.C.

Last time I was there, it was
the 40th, and it went well.
The one before was 25 years.
That one was kind of weird.

I, by that time, was pretty
comfortable in my skin. But
when I walked into the hall, I
felt like I was back in High
School, with all the insecurities
of that time. And when I walked
out to the parking lot after... I
was back to my comfortable self.

Guess High School Reunions are
like that.


jb3ll3 said...

Cis, You should go! I bet it will be the best yet. And people undoubtedly did not think you were a nerd; they probably thought you were smart. Besides, that was a long, long time ago. More recent is the 40, and it was fun. If you go, I bet you will have a really good time.

Toni said...

I went back to one of mine, don't remember which year, but it was one of the later ones. Everyone had reverted back to being teenagers, it was disgusting. I would never go to another one. I can find way more fun ways to spend my time (like camping, gardening, hiking.)

God's Helper said...

I agree with Toni. I went to my 25th and I swore I would never attend another. I knew no one and no one knew me. Even the gal that was my "best friend"in high school, did not recognize me. Thanks, but no thanks.