Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Monday the 13th??

Never was very good at
following traditions...
Yesterday was Monday
the 13th. My Friday the
13th, I guess.

First, I forget to go to
the monthly luncheon
that I go to with some
former fellow employee's.

Second, I send out an
email asking who else
forgot. And telling them
when the next one was coming
up, in April.

Then I had to resend the first
email, because I had the date
for the April luncheon wrong.

Then I had to send out an
apology email because... I had
used another email back
ground. I just erased the
letters off of it, replaced it
with mine about the luncheon.

It was a cute cat walking...
So why was I sending out
an apology? Because one
of our fellow former
employee, is the wife of a
minister... and you say,
"And so???" Well, it seems
when I forward the cat walking
removing their letters off and
putting my own on... I didn't
happen to see the kitten at the
bottom in a sling saying..........
now remember I sent this to
the minister's wife too.....and
of course he reads it and prints
it for her....
The kitten said...........
And the cat don't give a shit.

Boy, is my face red.


Patches & Mittens said...

Well, coming from a cat, sounds pretty true to form!!!

stebbijo said...

Oh Cis - that sounds like some days I have had. You just can't win!

Dogwalkmusings said...

You know what they say; the mind is the second thing to go...

jb3ll3 said...

yo girl! (laughing) (can't stop laughing) (Chows are now crawling all over me, licking me) (now the Chows are laughing, too) (oh, no! stop it! you're killing me!)

Taz n Angel said...

Mondays are bad days.... they set the tone for the week... we hope the rest of your week was better!

the Mama

God's Helper said...

Now are you trying to tell me that your Minister's wife doesn't have a sense of humor???? She has to see the humor in that red face!!!!