Friday, March 24, 2006

With That I Leave You, Laughing

This past week, the subject
of laughter came up with a
fellow blogger.

Of which I had told her,
that my mission in life
was laughter.... That
many times as I am on the
phone, I will be talking to a
friend or my aunt. And we will
have a good laugh at the end.
At which time, I use my exit ....
"With that I leave you laughing" ,
"I love you, bye".

I even told her that I guess I
would want on my tombstone,
if I was to have one, and that
I didn't wish to have one. But I
guess I would have wanted...
"she cared.... she laughed".

I am not going to have a tombstone
as I am going to be cremated
and half my ashes will go to the
water, and half will to the
mountains where my heart and
soul will live. And my memory
in the hearts of my friends and

And being I am going to
be set free by the wind to go to
those places, I can still have my
spirit watch over my friends and
family. So I can kick them in the
butt when they screw up...

and with that............
I leave you laughing, or at least
smiling, my friends....
I love you.....
have a good weekend


Patches & Mittens said...

Say hi to Rokon, please.

Mom says to tell you, her and Dad are going to be cremated, too. Ashes to be "set free" on Marble Mountain.

Have a good weekend..purrs.....

God's Helper said...

I plan to be cremeted also. This leads me to wonder why we bought 2 plots over here in the little cemetary. At $20 each and we can bury up 6 on them each... I wonder who will use them??? :)

jb3ll3 said...

I love you back! I will live on Lake Coeur d'Alene for eternity, where I can watch the kids at the city beach having fun and families getting together in the park.

Hey, patches lady doesn't mean Marble Mountain as in Marble Creek, Idaho does she??? If she does, for sure, we are related. :0