Friday, March 03, 2006

New Blog on my List

There is a new blog just
starting... I don't know how
often they will post. So I
guess this is one you will
have to just go and check
it out from time to time.

Many moons ago, I use to
baby-sit this young lady. Who is
now an adult with children of her
own. She lives in Alaska.
Well, a year or two ago, she
let go of her oldest and let her
go to New York to take come
classes for doing media type

Then she came home for about
8 months. Did some local work
in media.. And now, she is
heading to Europe, actually she
already is there. And that is what
this blog is about. It is a blog that
mother and daughter write on from
time to time, so the other can see.
And even the sister/younger daughter
joins in.

Like I said they are in the
beginning, and if you are a
blogger you know how that
goes. Some people like myself ...
feels the need to post each day.
Some post as thoughts come by.
Some are a hit and miss, until
they get the hang of it. And that
is where I think .."Just Deal with
it Girlfriend" is at.

It is hard to let your 19+ year old
go to Europe with out her family.
A great deal of trust, in her and
the Lord. The same type of trust
that the Mother was given when
she ventured to Alaska many
years ago.

Good luck girls... All of you...
Will check back and see how
you all are doing. And
hopefully the pictures.
More pictures are at the
picture site she has listed.

just deal with it girlfriend!


maureen said...

great blog

God's Helper said...

Awesome blog.