Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rain, Snow, Wind and no Electric

I don't know how long we will
have electric today... will it
be off and on? We had two
outages since midnight here
in little K.

And since 6 a.m. It has blinked
three times.
So going to do a short one
for today. Also tomorrow's
is going to be a long one.
So will post this and turn off
the computer. Forgot to
before bedtime last night.
Luckily no damage. Was
about to go on this morning
but the electric went out before
I came in here.

So here it is ..short and sweet?

The King and I were thinking
about some of the things in
our house when we were kids,
or we did as kids.

Like the player pianos. Are
there any left? Most kids have
never seen them. There is always
the few kids who have done these
things or saw them. But very few.

How many kids still play marbles?
Walking barefeet on the roads?
Ride bikes for miles to a friends
Know what a penny candy store is?
Have Grandma's who still wear apron's
that seem to wipe away tears besides
protection her clothes?
Boy, kids miss out.

That's it folks... turning off
the computer.. tomorrow
will be extra long.


Toni said...

How about jump road, jacks, colored witch, penny candy, candy cigarettes, 10 cent loaves of bread, fountain coke, running just cuz you loved to do it, hopscotch, I could go on and on....

God's Helper said...

Oh do I remeber all of that. How about riding in the back of the pickup to the drive in movie??