Thursday, March 16, 2006

Points to ponder and Bottom of the Human Race

Points to ponder

New medical test that show
what your health could
forecast in the future...
will insurance companies
use it against you....
after all they get your medical
history... Life insurance, car
insurance, and health insurance.
After all your health can be a
factor in all of those.

School levies, will the public
vote them down punishing the
majority in order to punish the
few?? Or is it really about raising

And then there is the news report
of human race at their worse..
Men video playing by demand to
thousand of others, child molestation
ages 18 months to 12 years old.

In 10 states, Canada, and England.
Thousands watching as molestation
on demand, watching the video on
line, with the child screaming,while
being molested...

Be proud mankind, we have come
so far in this age of internet.

Sorry, but I think I am going to be


God's Helper said...

Move over, I'll join you. That was just too sick.

stebbijo said...

Where did you get that info Cis? That is unreal.