Monday, May 14, 2007


The Beginning....of downsizing.

With the King getting close to retirement,
we are in the downsizing mode.

And believe it or not, I am looking forward
to it. I think there will be some good side
effects. At least it looks good now. But
living it may be a different story.

We are giving up one cell phone. Mine.
See mine sits on the counter, or table,
or where ever I leave it. I got to town, and
it is still there. The time I use mine is for
long distance calls on weekends... and
for inside box stores to find the King.
Conversations going.. WHERE ARE YOU?
It does save on nerves of walking up and
down the aisles. Don't dare ask the King
to give up his... it is his umbilical cord
to life.

Next is the television. This may be the
harder one. But the side effects are to
the good. More exercise, doing projects,
and even more reading. We will keep our
Netflix so we can watch movies. But too
often we find ourselves sitting in front of
the boob tube, watching something we
have watched before... and with the King,
many times before.

Next is just for the summer. The papers.
I can go on line and keep up with the going

And then finally, getting rid of the fast speed
internet. 6 months of high speed has not been
that great to me. When I get pictures or some
one sends me a video, then it is good. One the
day to day basis, it is just ok. So the $30 difference
isn't worth it.

So in 6 months I will tell you how crappy this is
going, or how greatly it has changed out lives for
the good.


Idaho Escapee said...

HEY CIS! I visited your blog to see if you were going to get rid of any Beatles stuff as you're downsizing! I'm sure you'll be fine with this retirement thing. Now you can watch all the other worker bees and be thankful you're not having to do what they're doing!

Big Piney Woods Cats said... up TV!!! I would give up my computer before I gave up that.


Phil said...

We gave up cable TV four years ago and have never regretted it. With Netflix, we watch loads of fun TV shows and movies, but with intent rather than just idle channel-surfing. And I don't think anyone misses all those mindless commercials.

Good luck on your downsizing!