Friday, May 11, 2007

Left on the Side of the Road

Where is it all taking us...
or is it, that it isn't taking us.
The gas prices.. just how
high... who is it going to

We all see the RV's running
up and down the roads. The
big motorhomes, haven't been
put on the market in masses.
But I guess if you can afford
a $100,000 motorhome, then
$75 worth of gas at a time,
is not a big deal.

For the rest of us, we give up
what, in exchange for gas rise

The one who it is going to
effect the most is the little
guy. The guy who has an
old car, that gets him to work.

For those who earn less than
$35,000... this is just the beginning
of the end and there are a LOT of families
out there with $35,000. Or less.

With $800 rent and now $200
for gas.. where will these people
go? How will they manage? How
many make just $1000 a month?
What about food, utilities, health
care, and all the rest... Just in
February of this year, we were
paying $2.09 for gas. That is a
$1 a gallon raise in 3 months.
Between the rising gas and housing,
this is insane.

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