Monday, May 07, 2007

Politically Incorrect

Political Incorrect...

We went to the Tri-cities to pick
up a camper from the King's bro.

Had a nice visit and left on Sunday.
The trip went well. We took the pup
with us as well. And she traveled very
well. We stopped at rest areas for her
to have a chance like us to relieve herself.
And drink some water.

We pulled into Cda on our way home,
to get gas at Costco. Even that has jumped
in price 5 cents since Friday afternoon.

But as the King is filling up, a man came
up to him and said are you aware that
you have a bulge on the inside of your tire.
The King told him no, and the he would
check it after he got away from the pumps.

Seeing it was a large one, he changed the
tire. As he pulled the old tire off to be able
to replace it, he swung it around and laid
it down on the parking lot, outside up.

That is when our jaws dropped. Our immediate
thought, was how we had been traveling at the
speed limit of 60 mph during most of the trip.

This was most definitely a God thing. We always
ask for travel prayers before we leave home. And
as you can see, they were answered.

This might not be political correct, but frankly
I don't care. He has watched over me for 67 years.
And he did this weekend, as you can see from the picture.


Anonymous said...

Would you care to comment on which brand of tire the King is holding?

Dogwalkmusings said...

Oh my!!! He certainly was holding you in the palms of His hands!