Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1960 Icon

We women over 60, have lost an icon over the
weekend.. Most of us see him lately on commercials
with his wife.

But in the early 1960’s we ran to the television
during the day, when we heard his voice.. Much like we
did when the “It’s Howdy Dowdy Time” song came on when
we were kids. .

By the 60’s we were young mothers, who was trying to
regain our girlish figure…meaning pre-baby time. So
we would make sure we were in front of the television
in our shorts and top or pedal pusher pants and top.
And we would watch and do as he said… jumping jacks,
skipping in place, touch the floor… we did it all for the
half an hour….

And then when we would see him years later swimming in
the harbor, towing boats behind …one for each year he was..
We remember those days back in 1960’s when we obeyed his
words of encouragement to us… and saw it wasn’t too later for us yet.
Because if Jack could do it, so could we…

And as we watch his commercial with his wife with their veggie
blender, telling us we weren’t out of the woods yet, and at the
age of 90+ he was still going like a Timex watch….

Well, the Timex watch stopped ticking this weekend, at the
age of 96. God Bless… Jack Lalanne… can’t think of jumping
jacks without remembering those days in the 60’s.. and as Jack
would sing at the end of his shows….

It's time to leave you. Let's say goodbye.
These precious moments just seem to fly.
Now here's my wish for you….
May the Good Lord bless and keep you, too..

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Margie's Musings said...

Oh yes, I well remember Jack.