Monday, January 03, 2011


As we head into the year 2011, we all wonder is our country
beyond hope… I surely hope not… there are so many buzzing
talkers who give us constant negativity, it is like hot oil coming
over the wall at us. All of which I got to ask, then where is your
plan? I was taught if you complain without a solution, then you
are part of the problem.

We sure have enough talking heads on radio and television
complaining about how our government is run. We have enough
Congressmen, telling how horrible it is in Washington, D.C. And
how it is the other parties fault…

Well, I am sure looking forward to see how those figure out 2011.
When the Congressperson starts this year… what great things are
THEY going to be doing to get this country back on track. I am not
holding my breath as I saw how those Republicans handle things
for 6 years during Bushes’ time. And I don’t recall anything productive
during that ttime. If anything, with all the problems we have seem to
be from that time.. I know in the spring of 2001 just after Bush was
sworn in, my stock was cut in half… in half… and that was 6 months
BEFORE 9-11.

So Mr. And Mrs. Congressperson, what are YOU going to do about
the jobless country we seem to be heading to, according to you? As
any head way is put down by you all. What solutions do you really
have, or are you part of our problem?
And talking heads…. What will your show be about, when your wonderful
selections aren’t any better than those who left?

I sure hope you don’t leave us BEYOND HOPE…. But like the community
there is hope before that… Hope, Idaho…

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