Monday, January 24, 2011

Politicians and Sports reporters.....

Politicians and Sports reporters

Political and Sports reporters must think we are stupid.

We listen to a political speech and then there is a reporter
who tells us what we just heard. They take it piece by
piece and tell us what that means…

Sportscasters are the same.. But they tell us at half
time AND after the game. We get a play by play,
telling us what we saw and how the player should have
played it.. Isn’t that a little much? I mean, really, the play
Is done, it is over, it can’t be undone… so what is the point
of telling us how it should have been done.

I was going to watch 60 minutes on Sunday night. I figured
the Jets game was going to mess up the timing of it, but
the game was over… Finished, Done… And the Jets did not win.
I thought, good, now we will get to see most of what is left of 60
Minutes. NOT… because the POST game came on.. with the
sportscasters dissecting each play, over and over… Don’t they
get it.. the game is over.. Those who were Jet fans, do they really
think they hung around to watch the Post game conversation? How
their team lost.. Rub it in by old players and coaches? I don’t think so.

Maybe I don’t understand because I am not a dye in the wool fan.
Or a guy (they are geared different than women) We, women, watch
and when it is over it is over. We are thrilled if it is our team.. and
bummed out if it wasn’t. And sure the heck don’t wait around to
hear how bad it was.

So off to the Super Bowl, Wisconsin against Pennsylvania. Bring it
on, and bring on the commercials… and half time show. And leave
the post game home..

Pittsburg Steelers vs Green Bay Packers… which will I pick,
Don’t have a favorite… I just like a close game.. which it should
be after watching today's games… Both were way ahead in their game
until at the end… and then almost lost it..

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Margie's Musings said...

I too was bummed out when there was no 60 Minutes. It is one of the very few programs I watch on anything but PBS. The programming has really gone to the dogs these past few years.