Monday, January 31, 2011

Mind, where art thou?

When I put up a post, I figure it is
done correctly. I make sure I use spell
check so I don’t miss spell words. I
put it on my Microsoft word so if Blogspot
decides to act up for the day, it isn’t lost.
All I have to do is, copy/paste it.

I reread it to make sure it is what I want to say.
So where the heck was my brain? The words
are not misspelled, but the usage sure is
messed up. Watch instead of watching. There
instead of their, and such.

And do I go back and correct it? the answer is
yes, if I find it. But the damage is done, who goes
back a day, or week, or so, to reread my post?
And after how many years? Almost
6. I wonder how many others are out there in my
blog land. Maybe it is just as well, not to think of it.
So here is crossing my fingers that there isn't one here.


patty said...

our brains fill in the missing words, not something to fret over

betty said...

I do the same think, and I also ask myself where my mind went? I think I try to type too fast.