Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too Bummed out to Blog?

I know it is Tuesday and I didn’t blog yesterday…
But even if I didn’t have company, I don’t think I would
have blogged anyway…because I don’t really feel like it

This weekend or at least weekends like this one that just
passed, but takes the stuffing out of people like me.
Yes, I am upset like all the rest. Yes, I asked why?

But when I see the picture of the young man in the paper,
I have got to say, I am not only upset with him even in his
demented state of mind… but also with the Media…
To me, the picture says it all. There he is in his orange,
with a big smile on his face… like he got what he wanted.

He doesn’t have the demeanor of say the Unbomber, (which
by the way, his lawyer has stepped up to the plate to be a lawyer
for this mental case.) No head bowed like one usually is… when
someone thinks the government is taking over his mind, and other
claims by this person. No anger of say, like McVieght, but it appears
to be the, I am enjoying all of this attention. Sad on so many

This is going to be a long haul. Taxpayer’s money down the tubes.
More Media than what I want to even think about. I wish there was
a way the media could tone it down.. no pictures, only a mere
mention of the name. More on the poor people who have suffered the
most. The family of those who died.. And also, wish that the Media
could be fine for putting out false information. How horrible it must
have been for the Congress woman’s family who didn’t live close by…
She is dead, she is alive…she is dead… she is alive..
For the love of God, Media… back off, find
out information BEFORE YOU ANNOUNCE IT.. And be fine heavily if
you don’t. Professionalism when out the window that day.

This is definitely an Illegitimi non carborundrum day…heck a whole week
Illegitimi non Caborundrum worth.

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