Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Year at Facebook....

After a year at Facebook, I think I have figured it out..
Facebook is real life soap opera…..
Or like an accident that is happening and even though
you don’t want to look , you do..

About 2 years ago, l actually I started out very limited. I had a
family member who would send pictures and she was a
member of MySpace and Facebook.
So it was easier for me with dial up, to go there and look at all
their pictures.. and not have to wait an hour for them to download.

Since thing Face book has become a thing of joy and of sorrow.
I have got to see my grandchildren by my children’s Facebook.
I have reconnected with some of my grandchildren. Even got to
see my latest Great Granddaughter Ava.
I have more contact with some of my friends.. So it does have
it’s positive side of it.
But I have also seen part of my family fall apart thru Facebook.
Heart breaking…

Being a fairly private person, it blows my mind to see so many
people share their private lives on Facebook. So much drama,
much more information, than one wants to see… hence, the looking at the accident syndrome.


Margie's Musings said...

I agree! Personal information should not be shared for all the world to see.

Dogwalk said...

I agree with both you and Margie. Does anyone really even care? Except for less than honorable purposes. That's why the bulk of what I do is post my blog and play zoo. Even that's going away. Between the two I'd rather blog.

Idaho Dad said...

I have a rule for Facebook. Keep it lighthearted. No drama, no politics, no anger, no controversy. It's worked quite well. Most of my friends keep it this way as well, and the flow of conversation is fun and informative. If someone wants to go against the grain, I will not hesitate to hit that UNFRIEND button.