Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Smoking Hammer...

We had a terrible thing happen locally around Christmas time.
A man walked into this neighbor’s house and hammer the occupants
there. One of which died a day later.

This person like a lot of deranged, was in trouble before hand
and the sheriff had been called several times… yet nothing was
done about legal evaluation . Which seems to always come
up after damage is done…

But then again, it seems one of the first cuts in any state budget is
Mental Health Departments. And it could get worse with more cuts

But what bother me about the article in the paper this morning, was
the headline of he was pleading innocent. Now I could understand
if he plead guilty by insanity… BUT INNOCENT? Innocent of WHAT?
He was there.. he held the hammer and slammed it into their bodies.
Even by his own admission, when he called the sheriff’s office to say
he thought he killed someone…

into play here? It is as good as a smoking hammer.

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Bay Views said...

Actually, the defendant didn't plead. He stayed silent and the judge entered an automatic not-guilty plea when a defendant doesn't speak.

This was close to home. My next door neighbor was the killer and the victims were within 75 feet of my back door.