Thursday, January 06, 2011

Who says Real Men don't Sew???

We usually celebrate New Years Eve, New York style.
We say HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! at 9pm our time, as
that is New Years on the East Coast in Time Square.
And then head to bed.

But this year it was different… we stayed up the whole
time, in fact we didn’t go to bed until 1 a.m.
You see I got something special for the King.
As you can see in the picture he is sitting in front
of a sewing machine.

We were walking thru the store 4 days before Christmas,
and as we went by the sewing machines, he said, I sure
would like to have a sewing machine. I asked him what
would he do with it.. and he said, sew, of course. Like
what I asked. He said well, deer bags for one thing. He
got a good deal on some mattress covers and thought
he could make them out of that. So the next day I went
down and bought it. As I had no clue what to get him before that.

Come Christmas morning, he got it, and was thrilled. I gave
him some quilt squares to get the feel of the machine. And
he filled bobbins with two colors and he was ready. Took him
to Ben Franklin’s and got some material with fish on it. He was
horrified when we got home and he saw $25 for the material.
They made a mistake as it was $4.98. I told him
that was just for 1 yard and he got 4 yards. Then it dawn on
him that it would have been over $40 if he had got his first choice.

So there we were… on New Years Eve. Measuring windows in
his camper (his job), I made a pattern of sorts… and he cut it, and
then he sewed them each. 8 windows worth. This is a breeze he
said as he started to sew… but then about half hour into it. I heard
some cussing and some sewing machine rage… seems his thread
started to gather and bunch up… and he was far from happy. But
after figuring it out, he was back on his merry little way. He did a good
job. They say real men don’t sew, don’t bet on it…He has a lot more
patience than I have. I have 0.

Now he says he is going to make me a outfit.. I am scared.. Very

Happy Birthday, Toni…

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

thanks for the birthday wishes, Cis! Wow, real men DO sew!!