Thursday, January 20, 2011

The What the Hell Clock

The King got a nice gift from his best friend.
In fact Gord was our best man at our wedding.
Now the gift, a clock is a nice gift, but it gives
us a jump when the hour rings off…

See each hour has it's own wild animal sound.
There is ducks, turkeys, questionable deer, moose, elk and
one sick sounding squirrel.

So we will be sitting at the dining room table,
reading a paper, eating, or what ever… when
the hour rings out… of which catches us by
surprise as we have both said at different times….
WHAT THE H?? Oh, the clock.. hence the

Now the first day or so, it has been cute and funny
as we each see the other catch in the WTH stance.
Now we got to see if we get so use to it, we don’t
notice it or will the battery for the sounds mysterily
falls out.

1 comment:

MarmiteToasty said...

hahahahaha now that is just the bestest clock :)