Wednesday, September 07, 2011

As the summer fades,

The headlines are once again screaming about the killing
of our troops… but this time it is here on our own soil.
For now, an unknown reason of why, this man walked into
an I-Hop’s restaurant and open fire, on some of our National
Guard who were sharing coffee and talking. As always our
main question is WHY?

But once again to me.. the question is about his friends and family.
I say that because, once again the family shares with the news media…
that this person was disturbed, had mental problems. Why is it we
always learn this AFTER the fact? Does the family not want to get
involved? Is the system so slow in reacting, that family members are
afraid they will be harmed/shot?

It even locally, in Spokane, have a young man who walked across the
hall, and shot a young woman who he had feelings for, because I guess,
she didn’t return the feelings, he shot her and then himself. Again, friends said,
the young man had problems, black out drunkenness and etc.
Yes, he was a nice guy. But he had problems…

I know I will get the wrath of God down on me for the following, but
how do these people fall thru the system?
Why isn’t there some way to keep guns out of these people’s hands?
Now every pro gun person will scream at me. But I would think they too,
would want the guns out of these hands as well. As it makes it bad for those
who are sane and responsible gun owners. I am not saying no guns at all.
There are many, many, many responsible gun owners. But why do
people have to suffer from the mentally ill who have guns in their hands.
When it seems like it is preventable.
I know they can use a knife, baseball bat, and etc.
That is why I don’t blame the gun, I blame the system.

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Kay Dennison said...

I think people plain don't care until it affects them directly.

I live by myself and mostly nobody cares whether I'm okay or not. I can go for weeks without talking to anyone unless I make a call.