Monday, September 05, 2011

SUMMER IS NOT GONE!!!!!! I refuse

I refused to give up and say summer is over.
Over the years, summer started for us on May 30th
and Labor Day signaled it was over. But I refuse…refuse
You hear, refuse to say that summer is over. It was late
getting here, by not showing up until first week of July.
That gives us July, and August… we were robbed a month,
so I demand to get one more month before I will think of
letting go.

We still have the lake to enjoy. We only had the boat out
one day this year. Ok, Ok, so that is our fault with our project taking up weekends. But even the King didn’t
get to start work until mid June.. where it is usually the
end of April. So it has been work, projects, and then finally
August.. we are done, but he is still working… and some how
August flew by. Seems like it just started. I demand a recount. Surely there is more days left.

I know, Indian Summer will come, but that isn’t the same.
Indian Summer has cold mornings and foggy mornings.. and
the sun burns it off by 11am. I want 5am sun.. (that already is gone) I want coffee on the deck still at 6am.. and not wrapped up in a blanket to enjoy it.

I WANT SUMMER BACK… well, at least this week will
be 90’s… but these 40’s early mornings make my lips turn blue.


Kay Dennison said...

We're getting 90s during the day and rain at night -- and I hate winter, too!! These skinny old bones don't tolerate cold well!!!

Betty said...

I have to admit that I say good riddance to summer. I'm ready for cool, even cold weather. To each his own, I guess.