Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movies that make you think...

I went to see the movie called THE HELP, with my gal pal. It was a pretty good movie.

I tend to judge movies in 3 catagories…
First one is to see it on the big screen. Like Aviatar, Dancing with Wolves, and Titanic. Where you really need to see it on a big screen. I have seen all 3 in the theater and on television. It just isn’t the same.
The next one is watch it on video, like Netflix. And finally there is the television.
I rarely go to the theater, so most of the movies I see are on Netflix. THE HELP would have been a Netflix one. It isn’t that it wasn’t that good, as it was..but it wasn’t $10.00 worthy. The going price for movies these days. I did get the senior discount so it cost me $8.00.

Being raised in R.I. I went to school with blacks.. My mother had a black friend who babysat my brother and I as children. She was the wife of a man called Jess, that drove my great grandfather’s car. Her name was Mable. Mable could sew anything, and she had a section of her living room with a sewing machine and table near a window. And her house always had wonderful smells of baking and cooking. So I was aware as a child, of nannies, and maids and etc. But in our town there were blacks and also there were Irish ones of each. I was so use to blacks, that when I went to Miami Beach, Florida to help my grandfather, I was flabbergassed that I could not sit next to the lady who came to clean my grandfather’s house each week. I was blown out that Louie Armstrong could not stay at the same hotel that he was performing at. He had to stay in Miami, where the black could live. In Miami Beach, no blacks were allowed after 7pm unless they had special permission to do so. Like working a rich families parties. This was all beyond my comprehension. It was 1958.

So it was a surprised as we left the theater to hear my gal pal to say, wow, I never knew it was that bad for them. I didn’t know they were treated that way. Now granted 90% of her living was or is, here in Bonner County. But she did live in a town in Montana and a coastal city in Oregon. So we had quite a discussion about the movie and about what I saw in my life time. Guess that is a sign of a good movie, when it prompts discussions.


Anonymous said...

i'm going to see it tomorrow. Just a little tid bit that might help save you money. If you go the to Tomato Street restaurant in CdA and buy a voucher for the movies, it costs $6.50.(Maybe 6.75?) As long as the movie has been out for two weeks or longer, that voucher is good for one movie ticket, no additional money. You DO NOT have to purchse a meal at Tomato Street. I've gotten the vouchers for birthday gifts to tuck into cards, stocking stuffers at Christmas. I love 'em.


Word Tosser said...

Wow, Chatterbox, that is good news.. but does it go for every movie theater? As I live up Sandpoint way, but I do go to Cda for lunch from time to time.. So if Sandpoint will honor the voucher, that would be super!