Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is in a name?

We all know that our name and address is sold daily, over and over.
You don’t even have to be alive. Case in point we got all kinds of ads in the King’s mother’s name. Then they finally stopped 4 years later. (one was from a funeral home insurance, I let them have it, as it was 9 months after she passed)
And about 4 years later, it started up again. So some companies paid for a dead person’s name.. sad.. to say the least.

I tried to do a no mail, like the no call for phones. But it was an auto machine that took your information when I refused to give out my SS number the machine went crazy. It kept repeating over and over. "That is not a proper number." All because I kept telling it no, when it asked for it. One of the times I tried by saying 000 00 0000, that about sent it over the edge… so I hung up.

But I digress, some where, some one in the world of name list, decided that my first name meant I was Spanish. So I have been overwhelmed with totally Spanish ads. I suspect Frontier who took over the Verizon home phone service. As they were the first to send me one of their ads with the only English on the whole page was my name. Of which I sent back and said WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? I AM AN AMERICAN, WHO DOES NOT SPEAK NOR READS SPANISH!!. I got a letter of apology and a $25 cash card to use at any store of my choice. Then a month later… I started getting all kinds of Spanish mail. With no English at all. Except my name, of course. Being I don’t have a clue what they say, I shred them. I have St. someone medals sent to me (guess I look like I need to be saved.) The rest I don’t know what they are. Heck they could be telling me I have won millions… nah, no 1,000,000,000… in the ads. Lol

So does your name draw unwanted mail? Do they assume something about you, because of your name?

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