Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Was learning cursive writing really necessary?

We all learn things in high school so long ago.. and even then, we wondered if this information we were trying to cramp in our brains were going to be useful later in life.
Never mind if we would use it to make a living…

Now 50 years later, I find out all that trouble of learning how to
write, not type, was for not. As everyone seems to do computers and typing seems to be the thing. Even the schools are second guessing the use of cursive writing. Personally mine was like chicken scratch. The more the hurry I was, the worse it was… But I have seen some beautiful cursive writing over the years and thought it was more like an art. An art I wish I had. But even though all those teachers tried and tried to get me on track, I was a total lost.

What else? Math? Will everyone have a calculator, or the computer that will do it for them? There will be children who will not be able to do simple math if this continue. My kids were furious with me, as I would not let them do their homework with the required calculator for classes. Told them, their brain did not require batteries and would not go dead. And then there is telling time. Now everyone has a digital watch/clock. Some kids look at a regular watch or clock and don’t get it.

What else will go to the wayside?

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Betty said...

I think we need cursive, if only to be able to sign legal documents.