Thursday, September 22, 2011


Good grief, I can hear you now.. and everything else as well.
I had gotten hearing aids about 5 years ago. After a short while, they were on the dresser more than in… and when the King needed hearing aides at work, I had him go in and get tested. And had them adjusted for him. They just didn’t work well for me. I still couldn’t hear the minister in front but I could hear the gossip two pews back. And being I was there to save my soul, listening on gossip didn’t seem like the way to go.

So when I came in to a little bit of money, one of my goals was to get good hearing aides for us both. We went and got tested last week. Last night, at 5pm, we got our new hearing aides… and Yes, I can hear you now. Boy is Costco noisy.

On the way out of the parking lot, I heard this kind of squishing sound. Then it dawn on me, it was the tires rolling on the pavement. And I have since learn that my dryer makes a scrapping sound as well as the hum of the motor. And when I turn on the television, I had to run to the remote and turn it down, as it was so loud from when I had been watching it earlier in the day. These keys are noisy as well. And I laughed as the King turn on the turn signal and I thought about how noisy it is, and it sounded weird, as I realize I could hear it well now. Oh, yea, I ran into the kitchen to find out where the water leak was, as I could hear water running... only to find out it was the dishwasher... funny I never heard that before.

It is going to take a little getting use to. One thing is the hearing aides have gotten a little more refine in the past 5 years. As I have over the ear as before, but the part that goes into the ear is so much nicer and smaller. The real test will be my daughter and my son in law… both talk so quietly…and it will be nice not to say, “what? I didn’t catch that” or if I was too embarrassed to ask, I would just let it go and hope I didn’t say yes or no at the wrong time.
So do I hear you now… oh, yes… but the guy said he could give us better hearing but he could not guarantee that we would listen better.. ha ha

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