Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Jobs...

A friend of mine came up with a way to employee millions of
people, nation wide. Well, all but one state, as it already has
this job and it has been working out well, there. Some have complained
about it, when they travel to that state. I guess mainly because we are
so use to doing it ourselves, we are set back when we travel to this
State and have it done by the employee ONLY… This state’s rule goes back 20 years? Or even more maybe..

But think about it.. millions of jobs across the nation. And it shouldn’t cost too much more. As in this state that already has it, the price of the product isn’t much more if at all, than that product in our own states.

I think she is on to something. This job would help the elderly, the disable, a great deal. And it sure was nice in the past, when this job was done then by an employee. Now we not only do it ourselves, but we don’t even have some one to take the money for it, as it is by credit or debit card now. Which there is nothing wrong with that if you are in a big hurry… but either way you still have to be in line to get it done. So why not, no more getting out of your car in the snow, rain, wind. No more colder than cold nozzles, as you stand there freezing to death or hotter than Hades.

Yes, I am talking about the gas station attendant. For those younger than 30, or have never been to Oregon… there use to be a person who came out and asked you, how much gas you wanted, and while it was filling, cleaned your windshields. Even asked if you wanted your oil checked, and if it was low, would put in a quart. How cool was that. A human being, who asked what you wanted, and took your money… and off you went, in your vehicle, still warm or not too hot, and everything was done.

So how much difference is the price of gas in Oregon compared to the rest of the nation? You have two day time workers (for each aisle) , two afternoon workers, and two late evening workers who rotate around each other.. There is 6 jobs at one gas station. Times that to all the gas stations there are in this nation… and you got millions of workers.

Yep, my galpal has a good idea. May not be the highest paying job in the nation, but it is work. It will buy groceries for their families, pay the bills, and it is a start.
Any one know the price of gas in Oregon, oppose to the other states?

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