Thursday, September 01, 2011

Players Show of Emotions....

Recently a football player and his team were penalized for him showing emotion of pointing to the sky…after a goal was completed. What kind of a society are we promoting when a young man can’t show some kind of emotion.. (see a friend of his had died in a car accident…) and it was his way of saying this one if for you. What is wrong with that?

What does that have to do with the rules of football? Actually it has been a long standing rule (well, recently standing one). I think the reason they used was, that it wasn’t fair to the other team to show excitement for making a goal. EXCUSE ME??? I am sorry but for years, heck for centuries people have been emotional about being able to do something… like winning. Be it a foot race, motorcycle race, horse race, car race, baseball run, well, you get the picture… so when and what cynic made up the rule for football players couldn’t.

This particular one was just pointing up to the sky. What the heck is wrong with that. Is the other team going to be offended? I say NOT… even the other team probably would have said the same.. especially if they knew why the young man did it… besides why punish the whole team for one person.. wouldn’t it be more in line to put the player in the sidelines for x amount of time? But still punishing one for a sign of emotion, is well not only depressing, but..assine.

But take it farther… the professionals dance, chest slam each other, and etc.. SO WHAT??… first of all, it is over in seconds. Second, the excuse that it isn’t fair to the other team, they get offended.. oh, for Christ sake (oops that is probably not political correct either). What kind of a mammy pammy group are we raising here? These are rough tough fighting football players… they are out there to slam down, push down, in your face players. AND THEY GET OFFENDED BY A VICTORY DANCE OR SHOW OF EMOTION? OH…GIVE…ME.. A …BREAK!!!!!!

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Kay Dennison said...

Amen and Hallelujah!!!