Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How do you end up with your pets?


One of the ways I have.. is my kids…
As each child left the nest… I was left
a cat or a dog… guess it was not too bad,
when you consider it could have been a lizard
mice or snakes. (which I did not allow in my house).

Velvet was the kid’s dog, and we kept her for
a year or so, then we were moving into to town,
and couldn’t have dogs.. So we gave her to a family
of 6 children.. for some reason that didn’t turn out
well. I don’t know why, as Velvet was a love. She
was a black lab that was left in a dumpster as a pup.
We had her for 8 years.

Then there were the cats… Patches, and Tig, and Ebony.
Eventually, Patches owner moved back to the area and she
was taken home with her owner and lived a long life.
Tig ended up at a farm… which he loved, but for some
reason he decided to run across the highway and that
didn’t end well. Ebony, stayed with us until the end.
He was my son’s black cat.

So with the kids being adults with kids of their own,
We have been doing pretty well, animal wise. We do
have the brat cat and dog.. who run this household.

Then along came Meow. Rokon has turn into a black
panther, with the teeth and screech and all. Misty, thought
Meow was like Rokon (her playmate) and chased him
under the bed… being cornered and not knowing who or
what the brown thing was and no where to go, Meow,

slapped Misty’s face. Which sent Misty running and yelping.
One cat and one dog, who are both low keyed is what
our household has been… so why did we sign on with
a youngster, who isn’t lowkeyed? One word. Grandson.

Mom already has a cat who did not do well with Meow
when he first appeared in all our lives. So with no where
else to go, we were chosen. Grandson didn’t want to
take Meow to the shelter, as that is where he got him 2
years ago, and he didn’t think that was fair. So, I have
been chosen to find Meow a good home. You know, (and
the King knows) the likely hood of that is nil next to none.
After all, the shelter has so many they are trying to find

homes for, as it is. And I gave my word I would try to find

that special home for Meow. He is a tall black, long hair, lovable guy.

He does love the outdoors, but checks in regularly thru the day.

So he is low maintenance. Luckily Grandson informed me not

to worry if he stays out over night, so when he didn’t check in

one night, I didn’t freak that I lost the Grandson’s cat.

I guess in the summer we are the motel. Kind of like Rokon

treats us. Hopefully by late fall, these 3 will tolerate each other

better. Meow doesn’t seem to have much of a problem,
It is the brat kids, that are having problems sharing. Well,
not so much Rokon, she gives wide berth to Meow since
getting her face slapped.

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Kay Dennison said...

I loved meeting your pets! I'm not allowed to have them.