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Coming out of the closet....

No, not that kind of closet… not that there is anything wrong with that.
(as was said on Senfield)

But for those who don’t know us personally, the King and I decided to make some changes in our life style. We made this decision in April. We, thru
the years have tried just about every diet. I know I have. Some worked and most did not. So when we made a decision to do it this time, we didn’t want to say anything to anyone, in case it failed once again. Those who have dieted over the years, know what I am talking about. So many diets, so many exercise machines and etc.

We are on a diet that has several rounds. You decide how many rounds you do. There things you give up… so if you can’t give up these foods and liquids, then stop and read no further. Because without doing this.. it isn’t going to work for you.

NO SUGAR, NO STARCH, AND NO OILS… NO CARROTS, or CORN, as they have sugar in them. (I didn’t know about carrots) NO BEER, NO WINE…
Are you still with me?
Ok. LOTS OF WATER, I SAID LOTS OF WATER. ( I wasn’t a very good water drinker before this) You eat vegetables, and fruit, and some meats, fish, chicken. You broil, bake, or grill your meats. AND portions are very, very important. NO BREAD, NO CHEESE, NO MILK. But you can have coffee and tea, but only a tablespoon of non-fat creamer Still here?

If you are over the age of 40, then you remember the fact that your mother did not fill up half of the plate with meat. It was one ¼ of the plate at best. You had a baked potato, another vegetable and salad. This is very similar. You have a small piece of meat. Chicken or fish preferred, but an occasional beef. (no pork) and that beef is to be very lean. And lots of green salad… 2 cups worth. Salad dressing is vinegar and a herb season. You can have salt, pepper and other seasonings. You can have mustard, but NO KETCHUP, NO MAYONAISE .

We have what we call naked hamburgers. It is where you lay a leaf of lettuce on the plate. Put a slice of onion on that, then your hamburger(100gm), a slice of tomato, and another leaf of lettuce. Pick it up like you would any hamburger. Believe it or not, it taste great. Remember the meat has to be lean, and grilled, not fried. NO FRIED FOOD. Sorry no cheese either.

We started in April and went to mid May for the first round. The King lost 28 pounds. I lost 19. Then we went into what they call maintenance. That is where you can add a tiny bit of one of the forbidden… oils… for 3 weeks you can have polish sausage, one piece of bacon once a week… and etc. VERY LITTLE.. during that time you keep weighing yourself and make sure you DO NOT GAIN weight. You are allowed up to 2 pounds gain, but if more, then you do an apple day. Which is eating only apples for the day (all you want), and a steak and apple for dinner.
If you do it right… you will stay the same or you will lose a pound a week. If not, then you are not downsizing your food. After those 3 weeks, you can chose to do another 3 weeks, of having some tiny bit of starch. Or you can chose to go to Round 2. Everyone I know, chose to go back and do round 2.

During this first round you will be surprised. As you will start to lose weight. But it isn’t just loosing weight, it is that you start to get energy. You want to do more things. AND…AND… you will lose weight in the hardest place of all. Especially for women… you lose first in your hips and stomach. I kid you not. You will be shocked to put on tight pants and find out they not only fit better but are a little looser in the hips. You won’t notice it as much as your friends will. Everyone I know has lost 20 or more pounds in that first 40 days. It is 40 days on, 30 days off and maintain, and then go back to round 2 or start 30 days of little starch.

The King and I are on round 3 heading for maintenance 3 in a few days. In this time he has lost about 59 pounds. Going from 317 pounds to 258 today. As you can see in the picture… he looks great. He has done the best over all of the two of us. What this has meant to him, is more energy. He has a bum knee and had trouble going up and down ladders. He could go up and down about twice and pay the price for it for a day or two… before… Now he is up and down so many times we haven’t counted. And no problems. We remodeled our kitchen and deck. He was very active in helping out on this..working until about 8 at night. Instead of falling asleep in the chair as before… His visit to the Dr. in July gave him great news. The King is a diabetic, controlled by pills but on the verge of going to have to go to needle/shots. When he saw his doctor in July and had lost almost 50 pounds, the doctor was amazed. And really amazed when his nurse brought in the Kings numbers for the 3 month diabetic reading. He cut the Kings pills in half. Instead of taking 2000 (a full pill in am and a full pill at dinner time) to 1000 per day. With the talk of if he keeps it up, that by winter he could be off of the pills. The King is ecstatic to say the least. He is looking forward to hunting. Before he ended up being the transportation for others and sit on the stump hunter. Now he can once again walk thru the woods and hunt. He wants to lose 30 to 40 more pounds. So he will continue on the diet until next April. Rotating between the diet and the maintenance part.

Myself, I have lost a total of 56. From a size 20 to a size 10/12 (depending on pants). And I lost 13 inches off of my hips. I have tried every diet since the 1960’s. I have owned one type or another of almost every exercise equipment that is sold. The time I did as well, was when I starved myself by eating only toast for breakfast, and salad for lunch and dinner for 2 months… with an exercise tape I hated with a passion, and walked 3 miles each day. I went from 155 to 121. I looked like death warmed over, they say. So to come out of this one, eating properly, and looking good… well, all I can say it works. And I never feel hungry. I haven’t had pizza, bread, Italian food for 7 months and don’t miss it at all. Neither does the King.

So if it is that simple about being discipline, then why did I call this the out of closet? The answer is we did use a product to help with the cravings. A product when I mention it to you, you might say “oh, yea, heard about that…not good for you I heard” or, you might stand there, wondering if you might want to try it. As you have seen the King and I have done well. You might know someone near yos with cravings. We found within a week we were not wanting to have more to eat. We were full. We have plenty to eat… so you really aren’t hungry, but it helps for the sugar craving we all go thru when giving it up. We saw Dr. Oz’s show about it. There were over 200 there who did very well. And they only interview 2 who had problems. One had her hair fall out. She was not eating her proteins. The other had fainted… she was not drinking enough water. YOU HAVE TO DRINK FLUIDS…lots of fluids. And yes, coffee does count. Just no sugar in your coffee. Stevia is ok. You can drink tea, no sugar. Some of them say 500 calories a day, yes, I did say a day. But because the King is a diabetic I had to make sure he stayed healthy. So he was on a 800 calorie a day. He had plenty to eat, just a lot better choices. Fruits for lunch with some meat rolled in a lettuce leaf, with mustard and occasional onion.
I did a 600 calorie a day. I am telling you, if you eat like they tell you.. you will feel full. I never ever felt like I was being deprived. So what is the name of the product? HCG. It is sold in most health stores. Like I said, I got mine in GNC store. I joined their membership which saved me almost $20 on each bottle. The bottle will last you a month. Unless you decide to do the 10 drops instead of the 7, which we did. Then it last about 26 days.

You have to be careful where you get the product. Don’t count on a online company. Only if you know someone who is on HCG and they get the product from that company and they have had good results. Use the brand that your friends have used. Where you can see the results. You will find there are some naysayers on line about it. Even the BBB down graded it. But they downgraded it in general not in product brand name. Which is a shame. As the complains they got I am sure were the phony ones. The reports say that HCG does not make you lose weight. And that part is true. They say the less calories are what makes you lost weight. And that is true too. But the HCG, and it has to be a good product brand name, does help you get thru the sugar cravings and helps clean out your systems. No, not the kind that has you sitting on the toilet for hours. It is a gentle not noticeable cleaning out. You will feel so much better. Not sluggish like you were before. And when you eat some of that forbidden food (sugar and starch) you will notice how it effects you when you have eaten too much of it. As you will get back that sluggish feeling again. We were raised with little meat and lots of veggies, and fruits… so it is kind of like returning to your childhood meals.
And you will be shocked to see how your hips and belly go down.

So if you decide to try it… find someone who has done it. Find out which product name did they use. It is spendy.. I pay $71 a bottle. I have heard there is another one out there that is cheaper, but don’t know what the name is, and don’t know anyone who has tried it. I use RestorHCG. From GNC. I know two people who have kept the weigh off for a year so far. 5 that have kept it off for 8 months so far. You do not have to exercise… in fact during the diet itself, they suggest you don’t. You can do walks but not work out at the gym. You need the little protein you get… but you can exercise during the maintenance time. And as said before you will find lots of energy, so you will be busy doing things. So if you decide… good luck.

If you have questions look at my profile and use my email address, I will answer honestly. You can google HCG and there is at least 2 blogs out there of women who used it and did great. GOOD LUCK…

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