Monday, September 19, 2011

Snow and Tomatoes... alike?

It is all or nothing. Kind of like snow…

You know, the first couple of days of snow you marv at the beauty of the
fields and yard. And don’t mind, maybe, shoveling a little? But when the
snow comes fast and furious, it gets old real fast…
Same with tomatoes. The first one comes and you savor the flavor of it.
You might pick the second one, that is a little orangey, a little early and put
it in the window with anticipation of the taste soon. Then there are a couple
more, but lots of green ones. The weather is getting colder and you are
wondering are they going to be ripe in time, as there are almost 100 or
more green ones.
Now 6 at a time are ripening.. you give some away as your refrigerator
drawer is starting to fill up. You make stewed tomatoes as you can’t freeze them.
(I refuse to can them, that is another day of posting on that one)
Now you have them all over, what do you do? I found the solution…
FOOD BANK.. …. And they love it..


MLove said...

Cis, I froze tomatoes in a year of tomato-aplenty a couple of years ago. Just cut 'em up and put them in the freezer bags.

Then, I used them for stews; worked great. I plan to do that again this year.

Bay Views said...

Ah yes. If I only liked fried green tomatoes.

Kay Dennison said...

I'd help with your surplus if I were close!!! And yeah, your penguin groaner is featured today!!!