Wednesday, December 03, 2014

2014 where are you going?

I was at the council meeting, last night and as we
were all done and I was leaving.. I thought I would
be funny and so I yelled out... SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR.

But as I walked back to my car, I thought, you know that
isn't so funny...  It was true in just a mere 4 weeks.. it will
be 2015... I was just getting use to 2014.

In fact, it seems like it should be June 2014 and not December.
Where the heck did the year go?  I was just lining up my
ideas of what I wanted in the yard for this year.. and bang..
the year is as good as over.

Christmas is coming on so fast.  I got a lot of my cooking done for the baskets. I have made all those Chocolate Zucchini breads
from all those zucchini's that I shredded up in August during the hot weather.  Knowing that come December it would be a good smell and keep the house warm.  I have got the Christmas fruit cake cookies all made and packaged up in bags. I have the baskets lined up.  And the aggravation cookies are done.  Only have one more recipe to make and I am done. Just gathering it all up in the baskets and give away by the 15th.. and then I am done.

2014 was a none adventuring year.  Although I did have fun

going out on the boat fishing.. and out fishing the King the first time out.  He called it beginners luck... what ever.. it was fun.
Got to do more of it in 2015.. Also would love to get some
fly fishing in.  But other than that.. we just did the usual stuff.
But the summer flashed by our eyes.. not enough time to get
all those bar-b-que's done.  Of course the King's eyes surgery took a chunk out of it. But still.. One day we were doing the 4th of July, and then it seem like we were doing Labor Day.

To borrow a few words from Pete Seeger..
Where have all the days gone..Where have all the days gone,
long time passing? where have all the days gone, long time ago

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