Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Odds and Ends

Was reading in Time magazine about calorie counting..
They quoted the calories in several items..
carrot muffin.. 540
green tea frappuccino 440
pecan chicken salad 1,080
vegetarian lettuce wrap 610
perfect margarita  340

all pretty good sounding foods...
But you know what this tells me?
It is better to be drunk than fat, if you are
counting calories.

What kind of stupidity does Hollywood
have. Sorry, I forgot it.. it is Hollywood.
But really, to make a movie about the
assassination of a world leader.. one who
does not like us in the first place and is
better known as a loose cannon... what
kind of idiots do that?  Oh, yea.. it is
Hollywood.  And I guess there is no
law against that.. just a moral one.    
And we know there is no morals in Hollywood

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