Monday, December 22, 2014

Trying to keep it light hearted....

I tried to promise myself, I would keep it lighthearted
until after Christmas... which is still not easy, with
what is going on just in our own nation, never mind

Even here in my own little yard we have had some
dastardly deeds done. I know when I tell you about
it.. you will tell me and I know this is the way it is..
but that it is the rule of nature... trying to keep
within my promise, I will show you the dastardly
deeder.. (is that a word?)... but I won't show you
the deed itself... 

 I went to see what was going on with feathers in my yard.. and a sparrow hawk
with them.. he flew to the top of the tree next door.
 back to reclaim, after he went to the tree...

This dirty bird... killed my dove.. and it isn't the first
one.. he did one this spring time.. and the King
said he saw one in the ditch about a month ago.
The King wanted to get the bb gun out and shoot
him.. as he loves our doves.  But it is nature.. as
sad as that makes me..  So I have to go clean up
the mess he made, so hopefully the other doves
don't catch on why one of their mates isn't coming
back to the nest tonight.. But I am here to tell you..
rule of nature or not.. if I find him in my yard, when
there are doves here.. he is a goner.  Christmas

or no Christmas. 

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